Saturday, July 10, 2010

FUN- Maybe Not

Cedar Fair (FUN) is an amusement park operator, which owns 11 amusement parks, 6 outdoor water parks, an indoor water park and 5 hotels- consisting of big name parks like: Cedar Point, King's Island, Valleyfair, and Knott's Berry Farm. In early May, FUN released FY 2010 guidance. Revenue guidance was above analysts' estimates and all operating costs were in line with estimates. However, I feel the company may have been a little to optimistic when it released its FY 2010. The economy has not improved since the release, some may say it has declined, and the weather has been unusually hot. These two factors would definitely decrease attendance to their parks. I have heard and read from many, that Cedar Point, the company's 'crowned jewel', has been much less crowded this season. July 4th, traditionally Cedar Point's most crowded day of the season did not have the typical attendance. FUN does not report its Q2 results until August 3rd, so there is plenty of time to read up on the situation and do some more homework; but, from what I have read and heard, I would not want to be long this stock come earnings day.

Cedar Fair (FUN) 12.75 52 wk 6.03-15.79

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