Monday, June 28, 2010

Sell Research in Motion (RIMM)

We have all heard about this trade, over and over, but it still holds true. Selling Research in Motion (RIMM), even after the huge decline it had after it reported earnings last week, is still a good play. Not only is RIMM losing customers to the iPhone hand over fist, come this July, the release of the new Droid X will surely hurt sales for RIMM. Also, with rumors circulating that Verizon (VZ) could be getting the iPhone by as early as this fall, RIMM could be in an even worse situation. Until RIMM announces a smart phone that can rival the iPhone or Droid X, there is no catalyst for this stock to go higher. The introduction of the Blackberry (RIMM's smart phone) was evolutionary to the cell phone community; but, RIMM has lacked new technology and innovation, allowing the iPhone and Droid to step in and steal Blackberry users.



  1. I agree here. The storm 2 (one of their newest phones) lacks and new technology and isn't that user friendly in the first place. I got my hands on an iPhone 4 and if ATT was better in MI, I'd drop Verizon in a heart beat for a better phone. We can only hope Verizon gets the iPhone soon...

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